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Gode Dlo Pou Jakmel

Help Exercice Matinal Missionary Group raise $17,000 to build a well in Dalle, Jacmel.

Our goal is to reach the unreachable. We urgently need to raise $17,000 to save

the lives of the children of Dalle, Jacmel. In this section of Haiti the only source of

water is a river located two miles away. Your donation can save a population and

provide food security and water to the starving and perishing community. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Your donation will make an immediate difference in the lives of these people of Dalle, Jacmel and instill hope of a better tomorrow.

In Dalle, Jacmel, Haiti, over 50 children between the ages of 2 and 16 years are without parents and struggle to thrive in an area where clean water is scarce. Many of these children have a long, arduous walk to reach the closest river and retrieve questionable sanitary water. Considering the heavy containers of water to be carried back home, it can be a taxing undertaking. In the case of the children of Dalle, their lives depend on it. From May 2020 to February 2021, six young people from this group died of unknown causes. Among them were two pregnant adolescents and a 6 year old child. The critical issues in the community of Dalle pose larger threats to agriculture, population health, education, safety, and overall communal functionality.

With recent COVID rates rising along with death tolls, these children are at even greater risk to fall sick with no accessible medical care or clean water. Sanitation, a key cautionary measure, now becomes a greater challenge, particularly for washing hands multiple times a day. Though there are many other COVID precautions to take beyond obtaining clean water, one thing is certain, without it, people of Dalle will perish.

The Exercice Matinal Missionary Group urges you today to take action! To make clean water accessible, Haiti d’Eau Globale has agreed to dig a well that will cost us $17,000. We have raised a total of $8,500, 50% of the goal to date. Here is how YOU can help:

  • Enter our raffle to win one of three prizes (see attached flyer)

  • Make a donation using PayPal:

  • Make a donation using CashApp: $GodeDloPouJakmel

  • Make a donation using Zelle: (Santander Bank) Tel: 617-272-0853

Our missionary group will be traveling to Haiti on July 2, 2021 to supervise the process. However, given the rapid spread of the COVID variant in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the capital, where there are no oxygen tanks, it is imperative that we act quickly.

We welcome your assistance and support in these dire, and sadly, continuously trying times. Your support and much appreciated donation will drive this project to completion. All donors/raffle participants will receive progress reports, including next month and after the well is created. Our Goal as missionaries is to reach the unreachable in need for Christ at any cost. Thank you very much

for considering this cause and providing a cup of water for an individual.

Blessings and Love,


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